Advertisers want to know what their clients are getting up to. Message Metric and their Call tracking software is one such tool that enables advertisers and marketers to trace or track telephone calls, that is, not including the actual conversation. This system allows pay per call business model which allows the tracking of phone calls to be associated with analytical information and performance based advertising.

What does it record?

It records a number of different aspects of a call. These include: What number has called, the geographical location it came from the time spent on an incoming call and recording of the conversation. This information can later be used to generate reports like: Caller name and addresses, missed calls, summaries, details of repeat and unique calls and, if available, frequency of by city area and codes.

What Methods do they use?

Right now there are two different types of methods for tracking. Firstly, besides a web-based approach it is possible to track numbers using a telephone server solution. In addition to this there are a number of telephone service providers who support this method marketing or advertising.

Callback Functions:

This function is exclusively web based. Here an internet user provides a telephone number in which they can be contacted with. After confirming that they want to be contacted the technology responsible for such a web service sets up a telephone conversation between an user and advertiser (Wikipedia).

Number tracking:

Unlike the previous method this method tracking does not involve web-based functions but relies on telephone server solutions. Advertisers are provided with a range of different service numbers – landlines included for the means of customer feedback. Such an approach allows online banners, print ads and any other advertising media to communicate an individual phone number as a response element. This is a brilliant analytical tool as it allows advertisers to ascertain which form of marketing or what medium brought the customer contact.

In Conclusion:

Marketers and advertisers want to know the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. They also want to know what their client base is getting up to. This is a vital tool for any promotional campaign or company to employ as it lets them know, amongst other things, the following: What number has called, where they are calling from, how long it took place for and what went on in the conversation. With such information institutions and companies can easily work out more effective advertising campaigns, promote their products better, gain a better understanding of their customer base and reach a wider audience as a result of newly formulated promotional media based on the analysis and results gathered through such a process. Privacy issues, do however, remain a concern.

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