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Business can gain overview about which banner advertisement, social campaign, PPC advertisement, commercial, had the highest influence in revenue generation by efficient utilization of a call tracking dashboard.

Call tracking can enhance the manner in which business interact with customers. When call tracking is activated, the person who answers the call automatically has access to multitude of call information including call history, profile information, and the keyword search or advertisement that initiated the call. This provides marketers with an understanding which channels resonate with target audiences, as well as providing feedback on the effectiveness of individual ads. 

Features of call tracking analytics

a)      Call Recording-Every phone call is recorded that is placed through analytic call tracking

b)      Caller history-Entire call history details are retrieved like call duration and call location.

c)      Call multiple phone numbers at a time –Multiple phone numbers can be called at a time, the first person who answers get the call.

Market Leaders

        I.            Infinity Call Tracking for Google Analytics-It will send phone call data into GA and custom dimensions about the call, like length, rating or any other custom parameter

      II.            Calltracks- is a Call Tracking and Analytics solution for Global Enterprises. It helps to analyze what makes the phone ring, including the keywords used by customer.

    III.            CallRail- builds the most powerful call analytics tools available and the service provided by them comprises of Dynamic Number Insertion, Keyword Level Call Tracking, CallFlow Builder.

    IV.            DialogTech- DialogTech attributes calls to the Google Client ID of the client who placed the call. Users can gain powerful insight of offline and online conversions.

      V.            Delacon Call Tracking Integration App-Call tracking solution helps to have a glance at call data in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics. Phone and web leads can be verified at the same time.


  1. Level of effectiveness of advertisements can be measured
  2. Better personalized experience is rendered to potential customers thereby enhancing sales


Recent Developments in call tracking analytics

Embarcadero launched AppAnalytics, the First Usage Analytics application. Features of AppAnalytics are discussed below. AppAnalytics can gather information on events like when user logins to app; and when closed, it will get information on operating system application used, and when there are exceptions occurring. Developers are able to define custom operation with API call. Analysts can collect data about which characteristics of an applcation are used mostly by clients.

  1. Captured events like ControlFocus, FormActivate, ExceptionThrown and AppStart, which will cover what an ordinary app needs
  2. Ability to add custom events that could be easily added with a singe line of code, and is able to capture an event in a given app
  3. Anonymous demographic information like CPU version and Operating System are captured
  4. Analytics dashboard —will provide visual reports within a time frame and will include a flow graph which depicts the navigation performed by potential customer.


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