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For every growing or grown business out there, it’s a fact that success is determined by the marketing strategy you use. A good marketing strategy is guaranteed to give you results, and by results that’s refers to clients of course. But most of the times, its difficult knowing which strategy may have won you most clients. This is especially when it comes to clients that visit your online advertisements and decide to call your premise. This is because, when they decide to call you there is no elaborate way to know how they got to know about your product. Just like that the strategy you won the client with is to never be known. But, this no longer is the case as there are new features called call tracking tools. This feature tracks the exact ad which attracts phone calls.

Companies that definitely need this feature

This feature is most beneficial to those companies that mainly do most of their business marketing through phones. This feature enables mobile based marketers to track the ads that bring them the most revenue, so that they can know how best to invest in their advertisement.

The benefits that come with this feature

  1. Real time budgeting

When you are running an online marketing program, it’s in your best interest to find out the advertisements that are bringing more traffic into your sites and which are contributing to more calls. With this analysis you are able to know which ads you should pay more for to stay online so that you can optimize your sales. With this feature you can receive real time progress of all your ads and their performance.

  1. Phone number specialization

With the ability to track most of your customer’s call location you can set up plans for expansion of your business. With the knowledge of the location of most of your customers, you are able to know wherebest to expand your business branches so that you can easily set up local calling number stations for your favorite customers.

  1. Social media awareness

Business marketing is all about reaching the biggest number of prospective markets. And the best way to reach the biggest number of customers is by getting them where they are huddled up most; social media sites. With these Google analytics you can track the number of social media subscribers that actually clicked on your ads and went on to call from the number you provided.

Google analytics is by far the best thing that ever happened to mobile based marketers. This is program has really revolutionized the whole idea of over the phone marketing. This has further been boosted with the fact that people basically prefer using their phones for everything. tools

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